The newspaper

Somedays when I read the newspaper

Even though I no longer read it on paper

Calling it newspaper makes it like an old friend

I come across some news good some news bad

Some stories happy some stories sad

But you know that cliched word was coming

Some stories however make me mad

These are not about the corrupt politicians

or the latest excuse they made to go for War

After some time that theme starts to bore

Having been executed since time began

Nope these are the stories

Of people (mostly men, but sometimes women)

treating other people badly

Kids being raped and killed

Teachers fucking students

Women being tortured in Country X for doing Y

Gays being bullied for being gays

These are the days

I feel like going back on my monkish vows

And unleashing a cyber scepter

On predators who prey

on People  and their allies

Who help them out



Author: Ajay Ohri

2 thoughts on “The newspaper”

  1. As a former full-time news writer, I know what you mean. There is something to it; almost like going home. Of course, I could not touch newspapers for a while after I left my last job because I’d seen them so much.

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