Some Days

some days are like those

you wish you never got up

some days are like these

you forgot you ever were a child

full of innocent wonder

optimistically ponder

what the future shall hold

with no baggage from the past

some days like these

we remind ourselves

we are not too old for this shit

and we have some more miles to go

some days you get stuck

thinking what it was

that made you so thoughtful

this passing day



we think , we know, we realize,

world surrounds us with comforting lies,

some lies hurt, some lies heal,

some lies take forever  to reveal

and some lies we tell to  ourselves reassure,

until one day the lies overflow,

the plots get nixed ,the lies face light,

belatedly we realize speaking the truth was right


Mediocre Man

mediocre man, poems,poetry

Today was just like everyday

I walked a mile to burn my fat away

Then read the paper, got ready for work

Got stuck in traffic, But in time for the shift

Read my emails, said my co-workers hello

Had the usual lunch took a break below

Then afternoon cleared up some work

Only to find more work was on the way

By Evening I was all done

Then came back home turned television on

Eat supper at home talked with family on their work

Till I retired to bed and the lights went out.


Every Day

Five Days a Week

Till I turn Sixty

This is how we turn

Clever boys into mediocre men

So today was yet another day

In the mediocre life

of a mediocre man




O Enemy

And now, we crouch

we wait for our time

While you strut and shout

Flaunt your crime

For this we know

That we shall win

Since time began

Virtue won over Sin

And when we act

And act we shall

Your bravado will vanish

Your walls will fall

Till until we give up your chase

Having better things to do

Better people to spend

Time than you

People like us

people like us

used to build bridges over rivers

to ensure knighthoods for the moneybags

nowadays we hack code

so that men from all over the world

can have a great ipo

people like us work so hard

so that pension funds can be suckered

investing our retirement money in that ipo

people like us

send five dollars to our glorious leader

so he can have dinner with forty thousand dollar beautiful people

people like us

we dont complain

we whine over beer over the table over snacks

people like us

watch justice as a television program a reality show a status message

with silence

people like us

we will always remain silent

wont we

dear people