How to write a good poem

Stanzas is how we organize a poem

Try and keep stanzas at the same length

Maybe three or four lines each

To prevent making a mess

Syllables is how we say words loudly

Like monosyllable is a single sound

And two syllables is two sounds

I hope you get the sound right

Idioms are a poetic word for words

That are repeated often

Cliches like falling in love

The trick in cliches is not to get caught

Rhyme is the art and science

of writing words that sound similar

Often at the end of the lines or a stanza

Like love rhymes with dove and glove and above

After reading all this if

You are still in the mood

for writing then go ahead

but mind the punctuation

And who knows

You may write

the next big

Thing in poetry


Author: Ajay Ohri

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