sometimes I wish crazy things

sometimes I wish I had a gun
these are the days I think I am almost done
Put the gun in my mouth and cock it in place
Taste the metal and then hit erase

sometimes I wish I had a Credit Card
To swipe my way into something hard
Maybe a lap dance Maybe a book or two
Maybe a vacation on a cruise ship with you

sometimes I wish I had a friend
who could read my mind instead of just pretend
These are the days I feel so blue
Instead of gun, card,friend, I am left with a poem or two

Author: Ajay Ohri

One thought on “sometimes I wish crazy things”

  1. I love your poetry…but you need to sit down and spend some very useful quiet time with the Lord! I do not know all that is going on in your life….but when i was younger berfore i went into the miltary I did some crazy things…but you can overcome what you feel…open up to Him and you will see. Much love to you…you have to much ability and talent…take the negative energy and move it into doing things to help others who might feel the same. You sound spiritually bankrupt…go to Him, He will make you whole and wealthy again in your heart and spirit! Love you brother!

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