Time is up

If you could sum up

Your whole life in a few

Words that summarize

Your whole life realistically

What would those words be

Born cute smart Kid Childhood Games

bright Adult Dated few Married nice  Had a Kid

Went to Office Came Home Paid Mortgage

Retired Grandkids Died

or some slight modifications of the above words

If you could sum up all the great things

You ever did and hoped and achieved

In a few words what would those words be

I did nothing great I was too busy

Basking and glowing in the light of greatness

I was too busy reading great , okay good and trashy poems

To write a few good words of my own

Comrade reader, What is it gonna be

You will read great or you will write great

Till the editor in the sky whispers goodbye

Time up and time out

Too bad you couldnt wring your emotions out

Too late to say they were things you could say

Too little too much too far too away

Tick tick tock tick tick tock

Against stupidity the gods alone

Contend in vain because humans accept

Stupidity as part of essential nature

As a reassuring sign that they

Are not alone in their imperfection


Author: Ajay Ohri


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