Sad Child

my story is no my-stery

this story is recent hi-story

it is a tale rather morose

tragic events have left-over remorse

in relationships egos clash like elephants

and children suffer like grass trampled

consoling themselves with tales and imagination

one day they hope to make sense of it all

why daddy left why mommy cries

why does every grown up tell me sweet implausible lies

i miss those days says the child

when life was simple

a hug and bottle of warm milk sufficed

and I couldn’t understand what they fought about

no one can bring me those days

not even you






Once upon

Once upon a time

These arms of mine

Were filled a kid and a wife

There was much to look forward in life

Times they changed

Destiny Rearranged

Wife gone with kid in her alimony

I am alone,lonely, quite out of money

So we recharge rebuild  renew

Precious left except nerve and sinew

I wrote a book and kept a blog

I worked my fur like a handsome dog

Occasional doubts perpetual pain

Lest we forget what we lost again

This time we laugh but we donot fall in love

This time we wont stop till we go above

And once that is done

We shall have a ball

For tough times enhance

even souls with hearts small



Ways to be unhappy

My friends or some of them

Are unhappy but in different ways

Some of them have too little money

Some of them have too much

But no kids to leave the money to

Some have kids and money

But no time to see one, or use the other

Some are divorced , separated, estranged

From the love that came ,stayed and left their life

Some are stuck , in a rut

With their cowardly practicality and their brave hopes

There are a million ways to be unhappy

There may be only one way to be really happy

If I knew that one way

I wouldnt be writing poetry on a Sunday, would I

But if you do know how to be satisfied

With the level of happiness and mix of unhappiness

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For on the Internet, Happiness is viral

Aint that true?


Rock and Roll

Roses go with Guns ,
Pistols go with Sex,
Lizard Kings but  Purple Prince.
A global phenomenon

Rock and Roll is still rolling
Rock and Roll is still roiling
Time for me to shut up
and listen to my Rolling Stone records

Hip hop has its moments
Pop has its bubbles
The Blues are always green as grass
But when you need to rock,
you need to rock and roll.

A/B Experiment

Today I experimented

With my feelings, thoughts

But not my actions

For it was time

To remember revisit revive

What I thought I had given up

Those on whom I had given up

Only to realize

There is more out there

Maybe it is love, maybe it is the truth

Maybe it the banal horror

But there is more out there

Waiting for me

Than I had ever

patience , hope or need for

And with gratitude, I closed my experiment

and learnt to smile