These Days

I came across an old notebook

Where I had scrawled some words

Those were the days

Words were the only things I had

So I am retelling you the story

from the notebook

bear with me

for this is not a short poem

These days the only way

I can get any attention

Is by standing in front

Of the mirror

Because these days

Are days like none other

None other for me

And yet I feel

People all over

The world throughout time

Have undergone similar

Travails with varying degrees of adaptation

These nights the only way

I can feel asleep

is to be bone tired by

drink,exercise ,work

or a combination

of any of the above

And yet I feel

This is just a passing

a Passing phase

a Passing phrase

I used to sleep

Like a baby

Inevitably I shall

Sleep again

Like a drunken baby

overdosed on a combination

icy Scotch , Valium and

a still warm handgun

The morning came

I was still alive

The melancholy of the night

And my absurd imagination

Failed to kill me

They only made me

Stronger much stronger

To face once more

One more One more

Of these days


Olympics Poem

Once every four years

Warring nations set aside

Their trifling differences

To come , watch and upload

The best homo sapiens

These homo sapiens

Henceforth called athletes

train four years and more

for little money but a dream

that will be fulfilled or be over

in ten seconds flat

Some shoot, some twist

Some run, some swim

They are the champions of us

It reminds me all too often

Why is there no Olympics

For our Politicians across the world

Olympics for Politicians

They would compete in

Bullshit, Bravado, Lies and Double Talk

And for a change

The joke will be on them and not us



Single Life

I was once married

But since 12 noon yesterday

I am now single

Hold your sympathies

and your congratulations

Bitter sweet emotions well up

However having bored you

on that topic many times

I have decided to tell you

my upcoming plans

world domination and total happiness

are all that I aim for now

Now I can ogle

without feeling guilty

I can smile back

to pretty women who choose

for some incomprehensible reason

to smile at me (I mean seriously, ladies!)

I shall jog and swim and be fit

Its great to be available again

Wear some new clothes

Shave everyday

Occupy my loneliness

with these frivolities

Till I find eternal love

or eternal happiness

or something that feels like above


Again in a cafe

Again in a cafe

but this time it is bad

my shorts barely protect me

from the air conditioning turned cold

the music is totally inappropriate

a couple is arguing in a voice

that is louder than they think it is

there are no interesting people

and the waiters have long

ignored me like the humanity outside

now a grinder grinds coffee

with a whine but no fresh smell

it has been a bad day

but not bad enough that

I could be pushed to write better

so I call for the cheque

pay my bill

and wrap my computer

to type again another day