I debate myself I debate others
I try and convince each one,
But what I am wrong
or I just didnt have the data

I think I know I found the answer
Till I find something else that continues to grow
All those who wander are not lost
Yet all those who are lost do always wonder

So I argued with a human being today
Trying to convince him non violence is awesome
yet if I was born in that person’s country, race or home
Would I ever feel the same?

I argued with a women today
Not all men are flirty jerks post 35
But I could not help resist
Those flirty thoughts again

I argue with my client
I know more than him
And yet he pays me
Because his needs are unmet

I argued with my therapist
I wont ever date again
Till she told me
That is what I told her before ..

and now I sleep
having spent the day
in debate and arguing

too late for me to rewind the day
and stop to smell the roses
but who can argue with a rose

Author: Ajay Ohri

2 thoughts on “Roses”

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