too busy to write poetry

I am too


To write poetry

To sing out aloud

To drink beer on a weekday

You are too


To read poetry

To hear music

To remember and be reminiscent

Especially before a big meeting

We are too


To do what we want to do

Meet people we like to meet

Hear things we like to hear

Too busy we are,

or are we too greedy

That we sacrificed

Poetry, Music, Friends , Laughter


Meetings, Phone calls,Presentations, Work

Too busy to write poetry


Too greedy doing something more mundane.

Author: Ajay Ohri

3 thoughts on “too busy to write poetry”

  1. Yikes! I would rather work that “too busy” thing out! It’s a bigger hindrance than actually being too busy! We really do hide behind being “too busy,” don’t we?!
    Thanks for pointing that out. Niiice poetry even though I was really too busy to read it!

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