Twenty Good Things about me

statement evidence
creative can come up with new things
knowledgeable writes a technology blog that is followed by many people
charitable kind to poor people and helps them with education and alms
tall 5 ft 9 inches
witty makes jokes
kind-hearted tries and helps anyone who asks for his help
simple prefers simple things to lavish things
decent respectful to women and old people
hard working worked hard to write books , poetry, blogs, articles
passionate works for causes he feels strongly about
rationalist tries to analyze both sides to an arguement
logical can break down a problem into small sub steps using logical abilities
intellectual can speak about a wide variety of topics
intelligent good with studies
family person loves and is devoted to family
secular respects all religions
not superstitious about following bad traditions ignores religious propoganda and casteism
curious about knowledge always reading and trying to learn more
artistic writes poetry that is liked by many people
honest honest about truth, money

Author: Ajay Ohri

Any comments?

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