My favourite poem -Color

once in a blue moon

you may experience a black day
out of the blue
your plans and your blueprint will falter
your blue blood is no longer a guarantee
for continued red carpets and
being born to the purple no cure
to never feeling blue
you may blanche,turn pale, show a yellow liver,
you may be caught in an area so grey,
your face grows red in surprise,

your friends declare you a white elephant,
your friendship terminated without a pink slip,
a black sheep, with the balance sheet in red

wait till it snows
for white Christmas to come
for the white lies to fade

soon spring will be here
greener pastures, still waters beckon
to a world of color not just black and white.

Author: Ajay Ohri

3 thoughts on “My favourite poem -Color”

  1. thanks for the eyes out/heads up! really appreciate it. i’ll have to waltz around here to read some of yr stuff…

    in the meantime, a sort of pressing issue, and a rather embarrassing one to admit…how does one keep the format/style of one’s poems in a post? i keep trying methods to preserve my indents and single-spaced lines, but to no avail! looks like you might have the skinny. i’m all ears.

    fare on!

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