one more poem

one more poem is being written


once more poetry is being wrung

to give creative satisfaction

to an indifferent writer and diffident readers

we are out of words but lest someone

points out our lack of talent  and

even more our lack of technique

we will find a way to make this poem catchy

its been weeks now I had a wedding band

months since I have been hugged by someone

years since I woke up with someone I liked

but I will try and sum it up it all in minutes

i am frustrated dejected rejected depressed

eccentric genius misguided only if you are in kind mood

dreams of grandeur have been squashed in vain

they dont award nobel prizes to bloggers (yet)

the lack of talent has almost been compensated

by the ability inherited from my dad I think

to keep nose to the task

dont stop until they blink

rambling on typing on moving on

wasting digital ink which while free

i think of one more clever word to insert here

but I cant

I am sorry I am stuck

just another poem

another day entertaining or trying to

another reader surfing the internet this way




Author: Ajay Ohri

2 thoughts on “one more poem”

  1. You make me smile , your works are good and yet all the while you put yourself down,Pleading a drought of talent. your acting the clown! Your works are so clever you hint at your lot … no hugs, no bed buddy okay but no talent?? without talent you are not!!!!!!!

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