The reluctant hacker

Once in a land far far away long long ago there was boy a little nice chap

Good in studies bright eyed the ones the neighbors told their kids why dont you be more like him

Then events happened and the boy got mindfucked in his head from random events

It was not his fault though he was the one who suffered it was just his fate

The bright eyed boy crossed over to the dark side in both the literal and the virtual worlds

Tired of being preyed upon he became a digital predator himself

Hacking,  hexxing, doxing, while kids his age went fencing, riding, boxing

All too often as is often the case the boy met a nice girl

gave up his dark ways or atleast put them aside for some time

in time he had a little boy of his own, a kid who looked like an angel crossed with an imps smile

and he thought his hacking days were over and long gone

till some events conspired to bring the hacker reluctantly back to his original ways

his hair turned white overnight his soul  turned black over many days

having lost everything he loved he returned with the all the hate he relearned

so a nice boy died and a great hacker took his place

while somewhere on some lonely playground a kid searched for his father

his angel like hair framed his imp like frown and the kid pondered

why did dad leave us for his computer?



Author: Ajay Ohri

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