Happy Birthday India

Happy Birthday India
Country of my birth and origin
It has been sixty five years you became free
So we celebrate your sixty fifth birthday yesterday

By roaming around crowded malls
Buying tickets to the latest Bollywood movie
It is must be the only country
where people celebrate by flying kites

While at a strategically placed corner in a busy market
A young woman with three naked kids was too busy begging
For food, scraps and money to think
That is was a birthday for her country too

So as I exited the Kentucky Fried Chicken ,
yes the one near Connaught Place
Where I had just spent three hundred rupees on a happy meal
I gave away my french fries to the beggar

and mumbled under my breadth
Happy Birthday India
Happy Birthday to you

Author: Ajay Ohri


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday India”

  1. Yes such a painful thought a space programme and a bevie of Bollywood beauties even fast food outlets side by side with harsh poverty where is the sense in it. Thanks for pointing this out. Happy birthday India sort out your priorities you know that you can. Great poem thank you for sharing your thoughts. xx

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