Editors and Me

Ominous words look at me
Not a complete sentence. It is missing a verb.
The words continue
Please be consistent. Italicize, and bold properly


What about punctuation?
Well, what about it, I ask?
Questions end with a ?
DO NOT confuse parenthesis and quotes

Editors and me
Monkeys on the same tree
They are the bigger alphas
I do what they say

When I had just begun
An editor could make or ruin my day
As I grew older as I writer
Success has made me more shameless

Atleast I can now get them to take me seriously
After a decade in the business
By pandering to all their secret yet public fancies
Sir, Yes , Sir replacing verb right now

Editors and Me
All but inevitably
Crazy men at the Hatter’s Tea
Alternate in pompous and humble verbosity


Author: Ajay Ohri


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