pay me now

Pay me now because pay me later does not cut ice anymore
I dont really need the money I never needed it anyway
Port wine and beer and tea in a cafe are affordable
But I cant stand the disrespect of seeing morons blow me over

Just because they had much more bravado in asking for money
While I was busy writing and creating and thinking up ways
To change your world into a less shitty place than I found it
So here is the bill for my services for your use of my brain

My brain is like a club singer who is much in demand
Because the rates are low and the fun is high
Yet all the while it sings a Freddy Mercury song
Wanting to break free from the cycle of paying and repaying

Debts of gratitude and I owe you notes
Buy me a white hat because it is a sunny day kind of moods
The  comments, likes, retweets, reshares dont buy no diapers
Pay me now or keep wondering what could be forever


Author: Ajay Ohri

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