kunzum cafe


at Kunzum cafe in Hauz Khas village in the city Delhi
I found the answer finally
I am a fool much too blind to see
thirty five years it took to discover thee

while all around me
sitting on a low earth hugging settee
beautiful people talking art and poetry
while outside the city continued madly

you don’t have to pay anything here
you can just drop what you can affordably
but they do advertise an awful lot my dear
of workshops of interesting photography

apparently the cafe built here to be
learnt under a Googly banyan tree
keep them occupied and keep them hooked
pretty soon they depend on you for being happy

I have been living like Delhi was a monastery
alone in my grief and self inflicted misery
Delhi I remember now can also be pretty
Just like the girl in white on the settee

kunzum cafe very exotic ji
deep in hauz khaus in saddi dilli
dropping my ivory tower pomposity
getting drunk on your hot tea


Author: Ajay Ohri


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