Thank You

These are words I rarely say aloud
And even rarer do I write them down
The words are Thank You
Because I dont know what I could do without you

I am one of those self imagined renegades
Who thank people only when they mean to
Not just as a greeting or to be polite
Blame it on my wasted education

They tried making me a gentleman
They created a honest genius, a frank Einstein,
Not knowing what to do with me next
But thinking I am valuable all the same

They help me from afar
Digital doors kept ajar
To keep words, hugs and love flowing
Who are they? My anonymous friends, my friendly anons

I thought I was gangsta I thought I could code
But I have much to learn and even more to forget
Thank you for reminding me life is more than give and take
I was all wasted to the final countdown, thanks for giving me a break

Author: Ajay Ohri

3 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. and you are a very eloquent writer….
    Beautiful….a good way to start off my day
    Thank you….for sharing parts of you
    Take Care…

  2. My brother you are a talented writer, keep writing and sharing more people read your site than you know. Never count the likes or the visits. The right people will always be touch by sincere words and kindness. There are a lot of people with problems out there and some who just need to feel God’s touch in their life. Always share to lift up! To help others to make positive changes in life. To show them that someone cares. The lord did that for many! Keep writing and stay positive and blessed!

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