Let us flip WAR

1- Flipping War- using mechanism design, historical and cultural inferences with socioeconomic data to persuade balance of power exchanges between countries to be less destructive to habitat including humans and environments

2-Sexy Approach-Countries fight Wars. Because of differences. In Color, Language, Ethnicity. If you make inter-marriage compulsory, within 2 generations everyone will be a quarter heritage from either continent (4 diff countries).

3-Countries fight on disputed territories. Compulsory student exchanges and cross cultural tourist visits to facilitate understanding, and relocation of populations away from disputed land. All land is equally holy (if you think God created Earth). or not

4-Cyber- A lawyer can steal more than 1000 people with guns. A hacker can hurt more than a battalion of troops. Divert martial energies and budgets to cyber warfare.

5- Let us flip WAR. because it is inevitable and has always been so.

Author: Ajay Ohri


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