ballad of chasing money

my relationships begin with a coffee and smiles

and end with us fighting over money

be it my suppliers or my clients or my lovers

what started with coffee will end up with money

professionally it is the norm

to delay invoices till you make the other guy sweat

personally it is the norm

to delay affection till the other party blinks

or vice versa

no free money no free lunch and no free love

some men are born with money and love

and some have to fight it out for both

at the end of all the battles , this man is sore

yes it is grand to live life as an artist

but writing is an expensive past time

subsidized by commercial mind numbing shenanigans

paid by smiling shylocks counting pennies

while you were typing out words and counting roses

chasing money makes you a chaser

and what does that say

about the lack of character in you my friend

even a well placed beggar in a crowded Delhi traffic light

has to grovel less oh yes much less

than you a mediocre writer of some

arcane arts catering to uncertain demand

hoping to swallow your pride

with the money you get

money to pay for the diapers ,coffees

and the occasional port wine

so you can go back to your old ways

Author: Ajay Ohri

3 thoughts on “ballad of chasing money”

  1. Years ago there was a story about a beggar on the streets of NYC who actually lived in a Penthouse from the money he made from begging…writers pay a price for their art.

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