A day of blondes

bored from my boring existence
tired of pretending I care so much
I went to the richer part of town
and ogle at the beautiful boring blondes

I met blonde 1 in an old watering hole which was an old pub
She was busy talking to her fat but obviously rich companion
It cost me 200 rs and a beer to ruminate over
my poverty continues to deprive me of blonde companions

I met blonde 2 in a museum and she was pretty in a green dress
Obviously rich enough to buy any of the paintings on the wall
or to curate them in a gallery so it took me Rs 10 and two hours
to discover poor artists wont attract pretty gallerinas unless they die

I met blonde 3 on the street where she was pretending to be lonely tourist
So all the locals could be nice to her and her blonde loneliness
But her hair was as fake as her smile
The lady was at work and I am not buying

I met blonde 4 in a coffee cafe
she was reading a book and while glancing over
Actually smiled at me so I guess I should have smiled back
Except who would write this poem down if I start smiling at random blondes

The things I do for my readers and my fans
You unknowing unthinking people
You owe me a beer someday
For all this free cheap entertainment

Author: Ajay Ohri


5 thoughts on “A day of blondes”

  1. These two blondes are walking on opposite sides of the river…And blonde number one says to blonde number two..”Hey, how do I get over to the other side?” And blonde number two says: “Boy you are DUMB, you’re ALREADY ON, the other side!”
    signed ,
    unknowing and unthinking..

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