The King of Make Believe

The King of Make Believe
Looks at his computer screen
Wondering what dreams he shall spin out today

Something clever something nice
Something amusing something bright
Day in and Day out making people believe

That salvation is just another a day away
A prayer a drink a powder sniff today
One more hack one more clever line of code astray

Just another shiny killer app to blow your mind away
Disrupt this boring world and it’s cynical rotten way
Innovate , rebel and perish or live to scrounge another day

The King of Make Believe had just to say
Lived life loved life lost life but did it my way
Before the rhyme snaps off this doggerel that’s all I could say


Not Enough

There is not enough never enough
Money in the world for me to change my ways
Not enough dough not enough moolah not enough G’s
So I can be a nice man for you

There is not enough fame not enough love
For me to be free of my insecurities
Even as I type this I wonder
Is this crap or is this fertilizer for your thoughts

Not enough girls not pretty enough
For me to let go of bygones and relax
Every girl who meets me is a gold digger
Or so unless she is proved innocent

Not enough space not enough
For the world  to hide the spilled over heartbreak
I feel for my kid when all it would take
Is for me to swallow my pride

It was not enough for us to prove the point
We had to rub it in your face too
Till we found that over a period of time
We had no face near us left anymore

(Art by Hugh McLeod

Premium Beer

Here I am
on a beer again
There you are
in front of that digital screen

And so we play
Our daily game
I will try and entertain
and hold you on this webpage a bit longer

Though you are impatient
So many distractions
I will spin some clever lines
To bring you closer

Make you think
If only for a second
There is more to life
Than surf the internet away

There is more to people
Than what you judge them for
In that impatience of yours
Breathe deeply before you think

There I lost you for a bit
I passed judgement before I even knew you
I thought you were impatient
But if you are still reading this

I guess I am wrong
When was the last time
You said that out aloud
Without drinking a beer

The picture

Sometimes a picture can make think
Long forgotten memories to the surface bring
You can say it’s the picture or you can say it was me
Reality hidden beneath the roots of your sub conscious tree

Some memories are good some memories are sad
All memories teach you something good something bad
I am desperately ratcheting up these cliches to a fad
Surprised, dear reader, but you have just been had

Back to the picture ah yes what a sight
Long ago we suffered an ignominious blight
What scared us when younger is not any longer a fright
Aging brings wisdom though it dulls the light

You write in the present and you dwell on the past
Hoping when you die you left something to last
If created in ether or in cyber pixie dust
These words were better than a bucket of rust

The picture was striking and now I know why
It unleashed a lid and let out latent sighs
Somethings we thought had forgotten were just sub-dermal cries
Dear reader, I am full of shit today and you just read some lies

(art- Janis P )

Mind Gone Blank

Blank is the page
Blank is my mind
Blank as the people
Whose memory they dont find

Gone are my worries
Gone is my grief
Gone as the riches
Stolen by a thief

Mind my silence
Mind my words
Mind my patience
For the brains of birds

Mind Gone Blank
Ugly memories unable to see
Incredibly Inscrutably
I find this a pleasant place to be