Cafe Samovar

Samovar cafe
Samovar cafe (Photo credit: kateboydell)

Cafe Samovar

The fans -noisy and quaint
The chairs- old and cane
The table- no plastic it is actually wood
The view- looks over to a garden and is good

Cafe Samovar is located
Within the Jehangir Mumbai Museum
The Museum is located in
the aptly curiously named Museum Circle

The beer is cheap
But for a change unwatered

The mutton samosas
if you can imagine such a thing
Are truly divine

Cafe Samovar

it is the kind of place
you take old friends or new clients
Or when you want to impress people
On a budget and show some class to spare

It is tucked in deep
But now you know
Where to go
When you hit the Colaba road

Author: Ajay Ohri

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