I am the kind of snob
Who if he does not like you
He will spite you
Just to fight you

The kind of snob
Who yawns when bored
Who groans loudly sometimes
Who even raises his eyebrows without
pretending to nod his head
to avoid hurting your superficial feelings

The arty kind of snob
Who dislikes but would rarely admit it
Ugly people or people who try to hide
Ugliness beneath smooth veneers
Of fashion, makeup, expensive education

That awful snob
Who makes excuses to avoid meeting
Talkative but stupid people
Who are good to meet for the career
Stupid is not politically correct
We must say these days
intellectually challenged

I am a snob
and I stopped giving a fuck
Ten years ago or
Ten seconds after I saw you or
Ten minutes after you opened your mouth

Author: Ajay Ohri

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