Praise the Lord

I will Praise the Lord
with all my heart
He lifts me up
gives me a fresh start

When broken HE mends
He is a merciful healer
When shaken HE tends
He is an awesome friend

I shall Praise the Lord
in my own special way
Without feeling the need
To argue with people today

Some pray to Allah
Some pray to Jesus sweet
Some pray to Buddha
Some sway to Hare Krishna beat

Each human deserves their own path
Your own glory road to Heaven
or whatever else they promised you
On the other side

Religion is mostly a family heirloom
There is not enough time
To praise My Lord
and fight the Lord of others

Author: Ajay Ohri

3 thoughts on “Praise the Lord”

  1. I praise the Most High with ALL my heart, soul, with my entire being. Wherever I falter, I still know that I am a daughter of Divinity and made whole in the Oneness of all things. We are here for good and nothing we can ever do can keep Divine Love from us. Nothing.

    Thank you so much for this beautifully divine poetry. It’s the reminder we need daily…<3

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