Not Enough

There is not enough never enough
Money in the world for me to change my ways
Not enough dough not enough moolah not enough G’s
So I can be a nice man for you

There is not enough fame not enough love
For me to be free of my insecurities
Even as I type this I wonder
Is this crap or is this fertilizer for your thoughts

Not enough girls not pretty enough
For me to let go of bygones and relax
Every girl who meets me is a gold digger
Or so unless she is proved innocent

Not enough space not enough
For the world  to hide the spilled over heartbreak
I feel for my kid when all it would take
Is for me to swallow my pride

It was not enough for us to prove the point
We had to rub it in your face too
Till we found that over a period of time
We had no face near us left anymore

(Art by Hugh McLeod

Author: Ajay Ohri

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