This evening walking around
Quite alright all about town
Rich people pretending to be compassionate
Poor people managing to have fun

Babies in the cold begging from robots
While the city rushes on
Ah I am out to have fun
Put my brain to pause , weekend has begun

So tired of ogling pretty ladies
Either kids or aging bodies past their prime
It’s all a game and I am not playing
Someone has to stand aside and make sure of the rules

In the market, in the cafe, on the train
men and women size each other up
wondering if they made the right bet
or is true love still out there

In my fantasies my detractors are just actors
They insult me just to make me work hard to shine
The people who follow me are the ones who worry me
My enemies I can handle but spare me idiotic friends

I had my fun observing people
I had my fun taking a long scenic walk
I had my fun eating a secret food
Now is it time for fate to strike again

My thoughts pulsate and my head throbs
I need to put the music down
But I cannot bear the forced conversations
I put the music up again and I forget it all

Reach home turn the electronic devices on
So I can finally switch my brain off for an hour
And write all this in a rush of words
It seemed so great when it was in my head but on paper it seems so ordinary

Author: Ajay Ohri


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