Change the world together

I am a bad ass rockstar
without the groupies
I live the dream
which no one else can see

I sleep when I want
I am up when I need
I work with the cool stuff
Which my mind and soul please

True this life is hard
But we are hard headed fools
True we could have it easy
But who wants to swallow mud

When all you ever wanted
And all you ever dreamt
Is just another a phone call or email away
Just waiting round the corner

Is the perfect stranger
With the faintly bemused smile
Who will say come on kid
Lets change the world together

Lets kick some tires
Disrupt some cliches
Break some corrupt walls
All you gotta do is stand up and be counted

And you will find
that you were not the only rebel
Suffering the daily drudgery
Designed to keep people entertained

Author: Ajay Ohri

Any comments?

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