a Dog in Delhi on Diwali

Like a dog in a Delhi street
a pariah dog,
not one of those pampered beasts
I lay quiet on the cold street this Diwali

Watching the top dogs who call themselves human
Spend a billion worth of electricity, food and smoke
While the lower top dogs also called themselves people
Smiled at their karma from their slums and huddled close to the fire

The noise and bang of the crackers is driving this dog nuts
but they say it is fun and good luck
to celebrate the victory of good over evil
I must go to beg for food outside a mall there are better leftovers there

Someday when my karma makes it big
I will die under a speeding Delhi bus
Only to be reincarnated as south Delhi pedigreed dog
With adoring mistress and sweet Diwali biscuits


Author: Ajay Ohri


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