The Window in the Cafe

Up by the cafe window
The loveliest nose I have seen for a while
Is distressed by the text message she has just seen
While me, shameless peeping Tom, watches the emotions flit on her face

Cheer up ,Cherie
Boy trouble, Girl Trouble, Money Trouble, or any other trouble
All these troubles fade and pass
To give way to future joys and further troubles

That is the life
As told by an once young but now aging poet
Sitting like a voyeur sampling emotions
In a cafe full of children learning to be adults

If I had a girl like you
With a nose like that
I would write happy poems everyday we were together
And melancholy poems every day we are apart

But I dont have a girl or boy or dog
So I sit alone in a cafe Drinking tea writing crap
Waiting for my luck to turn without
lifting a finger to help it do so

My headphones and my wireless Internet connection
Serve as a handy social camouflage
As the catcher in this cafe of rye
Day dreams his way into another evening of mediocre literary output

While secretly fantasizing on being a knight
In shining armor and shining barbie skin
Battling emotional dragons and taming imaginary maidens
Drinking enough tea to bankrupt Timbuktu

Once more turning to the window of the cafe
And the stranger is now gone
So shall I take your leave to
Go out too.

Tea and Cafes are okay for the day,
But beer and pubs shall rule for the night

Author: Ajay Ohri

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