Is It Stealing

Is it stealing if it already stolen
Is it hacking if it was data collected under a lie
Is it illegal if a politician says so
Is war okay if the politician says so that

We gave up listening to priests interpreting Gods and Jesus
When will we realize that eloquent politicians speak not for the people
If democracy is just 500 years old in 10000 years of human existence
Is the perfect final solution to politics just around the corner

If seize the day is carpe diem
Then is a shitty day crappe diem
When your codes wont work and your brain wont fire
Despite caffeine and other mildly associated chemicals

One crappy day you will see through the matrix of lies
Built by clever advertising men selling politicians, sports,toothpaste and wars
Presented by beautifully articulate women
Shit! We have been had, they were stealing what was ours all this time

operation manning

Author: Ajay Ohri

Any comments?

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