New Year Resolutions

These are the top ten promises I am going to make
To myself to follow and not to break
You may notice we have somethings in common too
But I swear it is unintentional , not dependent on You
These are things that I now resolve to not break
Make the coming year better for us to take.

Number One is top of my list,
my dating history and how to improve it
You would think it elementary, but it is am important part
Of anyone’s happiness but let us now start

I will spend more time wooing humans
Than coaxing databases and trying to manage servers
Hopefully when I do this I will find
Someone to leave my troubles in 2012 behind

Number Two is quite ordinary as well
Lose some weight and again look swell
You would think I would start with the weight and then try and date
But we have been here before and to diet is one resolution we hate

Number Three is quite an unbreakable vow,
I assure I am not ready for the blow
Money needs to be managed with care and how
When temptations come calling , best lay low
For I must not gamble away my pennies again
On the stock market, or pretty toys or casinos that cause future pain

Number Four may draw some cheer
After all dear reader, I have managed to pull you along till here
I resolve to write more often , and better stuff too
More free poems, and one more statistics book for you
Poetry and Statistics is how I earn my bread
You can stop to thank me, on my grave, after I am dead
If at first, you think I didnt write so well at all
Well, I tried, I got better and I tried to fly when asked to crawl

Number Five is something I should have done years ago
Try and not judge people ,in the first five minutes I am done
Be more polite and try and hold the facial farcical smile longer
I can get through boring conversations, Lord I will be stronger
Resist the urge to bite with sarcastic remarks
Sarcasm loses potential friends , adds to my tasks

Number Six is a variation of Number Three , Number One and Number Four
Spend less money, Earn more money , Try and keep score
I am running our of ideas, and this is just the first day
Are six resolutions all that I have for rest of the year to play

Aha, one more, Number Seven is to be nice
Wait, that sounds like Number Five , aint that a surprise
So I quit, making resolutions, that are probably fake,
Take time out, your opinion, the reader to take
Lets see how long my new year resolutions last and how many I break


Author: Ajay Ohri

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