Paranoid Android

Some days, some times, if only for a while
I feel my insecurities grow and overwhelm
My curious imagination on overdrive
I go paranoid with fears unspoken

Who is my friend, who just wants to use me
Who is my enemy, who refuses to let me be
Why am I still lonely, when I can have everything
Why do I prefer the comfort of my Android to my species

I am running away from people
I think like Freddy I am going slightly mad
Till I remind myself that this has happened before
So I click photos with my Android still wearing my mask

That girl over there, does she want my wit,sex, money,company or is it destined entrapment
Or am I burned by the right kind of girls whom I have met in the wrong way
That man over there, sending me emails that are polite,
Yet when I read between the lines, some agenda seems to emerge

What is destiny? What is karma? What is wrong with me and my questions?
Why do I think so much? Why do I sleep so little? Why cant I smile more?
I am leaving this abruptly, I am leaving this door ajar
I am hoping someone steps in, I am hoping the truth is not far

For I remember now, the warp drive  kicks in
Spend too much time with an Android and you become A Droid yourself
Spend too much time with books and you become A Druid
Spend a little time with people and you learn to relax your brain


Author: Ajay Ohri

3 thoughts on “Paranoid Android”

  1. So easy to get wrapped up in technology since there is little threat of rejection…well most of the time…unless you get ‘unfriended’…guess we all find it comforting to lose ourselves in it from time to time.

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