Fantasy Player

I could be your fantasy player
I could be the one on whom you could learn to lean
I could be your deep dark dragon slayer
Your God, Your President, or Your Queen

I could be the one thing that worked in this town
The only one who didn’t let you down
When the dudes and princes have left your face with a frown
Take a roll of the dice it’s time to romance the clown

I will compose poetry sublime every day you woke up with me
I will write songs every day you are gone
I will bring the sexy back in tall dark handsome knight on horse
I will empty your guilt, your memories , your remorse

This can happen, you are not too old for this shit ,they call this life
This could be your reality, if you only made it your fantasy, let go of the strife
I could be the mysterious guy in the cafe whom you have learnt to ignore
Someday you will find life will always give you room to explore

Your great white hope, with a tanned hide
I am the one your mother always warned you about
I am mounting my horse to ride
Knock, Knock , turn around and leave your doubt


Author: Ajay Ohri

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