The school shooter

Some days when boredom, depression, angst, and loneliness combine
I cant believe I have manage to stay so long alive
I have survived sickness, heartbreak, falls, and many a close call
I have managed to stay above the ground without feeling small

What made me so tough? I guess I was made of strong men’s blood
Who kept me weak head above the raging water of the flood
Listening to old music in a dark room today
I wish I could end it all with a gun and a bullet this way

Then I remember I am in a blessed land
Getting a credit card is easier than getting a gun in the hand
and the best food and the most beautiful women still live here
waiting for me to conquer my imaginary fear

The fear of rejection the fear of what I faced before
the horror of what may happen next the shocks that life has in store
I guess I am a coward but a coward in the greatest country of them all
Where peace still rules above the merchants of guns small

Where parents still teach their kids responsibility  without showing then gun shows
Where grand parents live with grand kids without being stored in old age homes


Author: Ajay Ohri

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