My friend’s broken leg

This is not a poem nor an ordinary tale
We will try not to be funny , lame or stale

It is a story that is etched in pain
Lest you do the mistake in this tale again

I had a friend a lovely french lass
Bit Sharp nose but overall class

She slipped and fell and broke her fibula
The doctor said, or was that a tibula

So she rested and missed her plane home
Body at rest but mind does roam

After a month of boredom that rankled
She noticed still swollen is the ankle

Expenses are high and Insurance was low
Ma Cherie does not know where to go

On top of that she had a crazy friend far away
Instead of solace he sent her a poem every day

My friend she decided she has to get well
Be good ankle- Do not swell

Your pain I can bear, but the daily poem is full of skeet
Perhaps it is the bitter tonic I need to get back to my feet

So my friend gradually got well
And this tale I hereby tell

If you , reluctant reader meet with an accident in pain
I will send you a daily funny poem to heal thyself again


Author: Ajay Ohri

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