Ronin Hackers

Anonymous1Once upon a time, in a galaxy quite close

There were some knights

Devoted to keeping the balance

In the force

Between good and bad

Between right and might

They had few friends

Lots of rich enemies

But they soldiered on

They could have  got a job in that shiny startup

They could have stolen anything they ever wanted

And all they ever wanted

Was Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood

Someday I will have the courage

To join them,

But not today, and not yet.

I have my Facebook, my Twitter or my Quora

My blogs to read, my coffee to be drunk

Who gives a fuck about freedom?

It is so darned romantic yet doesnt fit in my schedule

So let me leaders duly elected unduly selected

Steal  legally while I close my eyes

And wonder once more

On those ronin hackers


Author: Ajay Ohri

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