The Listeners

This is a poem for the Listeners
The men and women who listen in
To the hackers, spies, criminals
And the common public- that is me and you

They have a job to do because they have bills to pay
It is a boring and monotonous job at best
When they find something ,they do not get a thanks
When they miss something, they do not get by a sorry

There is more in common between them and you
Between the Listeners and the Listened to
Do you know who they are?
They are humans- and they could be your friends

Or they could be people who want
To use or to abuse you
For a promotion or a silver plaque on their wall
How do you know who is what? You just cant

So trust in God/ (whatever)
And lock your computer
Encrypt your changing passwords
But dont deny yourself the right

To love and meet and greet ignoring your haste to judge
Random strangers
Because they may be the 0N3
You have been searching for

The Listeners 1906 by Robert Anning Bell 1863-1933

Author: Ajay Ohri

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