i really liked this poem

Miles to go...

He is tired, tense
Coming back from the hospital
The child is annoyingly loud in the Metro
But he looks up and smiles
Thinking of his grandson
Staying miles away
For his parents’ job, his own education.
Life with surrogates.

She is hurrying for the office
Elevator of the building gone bad again
The old couple is struggling with their grocery
Walking up the stairs
She pauses, takes the grocery bags from them
Thinking of her own parents
Back home, on their own.
Life with surrogates.

The young neighbour moves in
Struggling with her pots and pans
New city and new job, new husband
She sighs patronizingly helping her close the cooker right
Thinking of her own daughter
In a foreign land, strange surroundings, struggling.
Life with surrogates.

His group of drunk friends
Gets a disapproving look from his landlord
He knows he is going to get a sermon later

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Author: Ajay Ohri


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