Me and Dance

I suck at latin dance
Quite aweful at casual romance
Sure the girls are pretty
But why take a chance

These feet used to dance before
Then they goose stepped out that door
Now when my dance partner wants me to look up , be less stiff
I no longer feel so sure

Why make connection to stop worrying for a while
When worrying has carried us afloat all this time
Lets be awkward and blow people off again
Nothing ventured is nothing lost but its also nothing gained

I have run out of excuses
And there is still time on the clock
My new brown shoes are winking at me
Come on boss, shall we dance

Then I am reminded there is still life waiting for me
Open your eyes from the dark morbidity
Sure I suck at Latin dancing today
Tomorrow when I dance they will even pay

Back is now sore, and dizzy is the brain
One two four , and ladies turn again
Somehow I think this too shall beautifully pass
Another chance Another Day Another Dance

182709_10150412826000471_5743042_n(Image courtesy- Ball Room Mania 2009, U Tenn)

Author: Ajay Ohri

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