Some Juice

I wake up
I go through my emails
I go through my daily hygiene

Breakfast in bed
Personal Attendant
Yes I was born pampered

I take a walk
These knees have played enough football
I need the walk to stay fit

I listen to music on my Ipod
And thank again the Gods
Who create beautiful technology

I socialize but virtually
I hustle for work
I write my poem, article and my long neglected book

I eat
I eat less than my old mother wants me to eat
Some days she nags me enough to go to a cafe and I write

I have a room in the pretty part of town
I go there thrice a week
Just to ogle at things I dont need or want to buy

When younger I wanted them all
But had no money

When I have the money
I lost my appetite

I don’t date I am still healing from my divorce last year
But I am trying to bounce back atleast online
I go to Quora and I answer a few questions

I read Quora, I interact on Facebook
I tweet on Twitter, I mingle on LinkedIn
This is my life and it has kept me alive till today

Who are you to say
Go out and talk with pretty women with your dimpled chin
Go out and earn big money with your big brain

I read, I write, I surf, I eat, I sleep
That is all I do these days
Hoping to squeeze some more juice out of this life


Author: Ajay Ohri

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