American Dream

Born to a mother
Who resisted the urge to abort me

Or drink or do drugs
And a dad who resisted the urge to be a dad

School was fun
Baby sitters were so-so

High School was about
Hooking up and looking up

Studied for SAT
Went to a fraternity

4 years later and I am in oh its okay Debt
Who cares for the fucking communists, I got snow in the drive

Dating gets serious,
I get more debt

Debt, Debt, Debt, Debt, Debt
Car, Marriage, Mortgage, Kid, Renovation

Prevents us from going off
On an edge and keeping the system alive

God forbid we fall sick
We work so hard to pay the insurance payments

Pamper the kids only to watch them go
Old age no one calls, but what did you know

Now in my old age home, as I wait
for my kidneys to pump on

Hey Kid, You heard ,American Dream, like that old song
That’s right, eyes open, the opium we dreamed on

a d

Author: Ajay Ohri

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