The Internet is opium for the masses

the Internet is full of many a wannabe
pretending they are soon I am gonna be
it is too much sometimes for me
to sort out the fakers from the reality I see

the Internet is full of an occasional troll
who behave like kids alone in a toy mall
pretending no one sees when they take a fall
and yet ashamed secretly by when they act small

the Internet is full of many a lost soul and a misdirected packet
kicking up a fuss and making an awful racket
thinking they are more important than anyone in that bracket
yet all they truly need is a digital strait jacket

the Internet is full today of many a contraption
knowledge , entertainment and many a distraction
come partake of its every attraction
then leave and go back to life uninterrupted by artificial digital action


The desire to be liked

The desire to be liked
By people of people for people
Made Facebook a hundred billion dollar company
Oh, Almost

The desire to be loved
By people By animals By God
Made a million people change their true nature radically
Since time began

The desire to be entertained
Is why a million people
Give each other shiny awards
For keeping billions asleep in a drug like stupor

The desire to have desires
Is what makes robots human
And humans into animals
aj dj


Let us be Kind

Let us be kind
To our enemies
So we can turn them into be friends
Kindness without weak folly is only pragmatic

Let us be kind
To our friends
Who endure and bear our joys and pain
Kindness to each other is what respect is all about

Let us be kind
To our employees and subordinates
To help them be loyal even when they are tempted
Kindness and Respect begets loyalty and it is a circle of virtue

Let us be kind
To our customers and clients
Rather than squeeze them out of last golden dime
Kindness to customers while being pragmatic ensures they come back

Let us be kind
To the people who trust in our talent with money
For gratitude and thankfulness
Coupled with Kindness is what we are all about

Lastly, let us be kind to our self
Forgive us and forget the ugliness
Relax and redeem what is left of our promise
For this is how can live a happy life


Oh those Chinese Hackers!

Oh those Chinese hackers!
They are everywhere and in every computer
Stealing and snooping and reading our stuff
Dont they know , that is why
we fund our Governments to do for us anyway

Oh those Chinese hackers!
It feels so good to finally have some enemies
Now we can be patriotic and vote
For bigger defence budgets
Funded by Chinese of course

Oh those Chinese hackers!
How they have harmed us
They read our emails but did not sell us any ads
They snooped in our newspapers but did not stop any stories
In the name of international security

Oh those Chinese hackers!
So boring So annoying
We need our NSA our Homeland our TSA
to hack our lives to hack our privacy
to remind why Chinese food may be better than ours afterall