Sell it All

kurt_cobain___the_man_who_sold_the_world_by_xalwaysxinxvainx-d4lroe3surrounded by lust while looking for love
surrounded by shiny objects while I like playing in the mud
cant control the chemicals that flow inside my brain
so here I am in front of the computer typing all again

listening to music in my earphones slightly loud
I drown the noise of the world if but for a while
while they chase me with threats and rewards
I could sell it all for a smile

Not dismayed by the setback Unashamed by it all
I refuse to acknowledge any day or person who makes me feel small
For we are human insignificant beings on this planet if but for a while
Spare me your bullshit I could buy all you are selling for a smile

Art Credit-

Author: Ajay Ohri

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