The Cynical Poem on Valentine

I am not a cynic I swear I am pragmatic
I am a realist and I sure can analyze
I just wanted to be happy
They sold me love
It was too abstract to me

So they said be nice
Buy flowers, buy cards, gift
Wish people well
But I do not want to do that
I want to take happiness

Happiness for me is always free
So I get what I want and note the I
Why should I take the trouble to see
their  point of view when cynically
All I ever want to know is within me

Why be nice Why go through the motions
Why do the song and dance
When it is so much fun
To sit in front of a computer
And read poetry

Is my ego, my inertia, my laziness less important than my happiness?
Quo Vadis

Author: Ajay Ohri

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