Mental Illness is such a dirty word

the serotonin kicks
the prozac it is working
slowly as it is an extended release

twice a day pop the pill
to stay alive
just survive

the banality
the mediocrity
the morbidity

of existence
of angst
of guilt

every day
count till ten
when subway train comes in

every night
take deep breaths
when panic attacks

addicted to pain
to the overheated brain
resisting the urge to be insane

every poem
every straw
to float on

every word
every smile
concealing your secret

a disease called mental illness
a reality called I miss my son
a will to survive

and on

alone and dirty
mental illness is such a dirty word
emotionally retarded is funnier to say

we call it
a lifestyle disorder
and smile

Author: Ajay Ohri

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