Cynics of New Delhi

Cynics of New Delhi march on
pavements laid by corrupted municipal bodies
Past the street children working in foot stalls
Or serving the famous Delhi chai

Past the poor people sleeping or living
without food or shelter in heat, cold or rain
The Cynics of New Delhi march on
Haggling for ten rupees with rickshaws and autos

Cynics of New Delhi tuck themselves safely in cars
If they dont have cars these poor girls can be gang-raped
Past the corruption and with all the apathy
The Cynics of New Delhi march on

Because didn’t you hear
There was a sale on fashionable shoes in Connaught Place
And we need proper shoes to march on and tread on and walk on
In all our cynical cultural ancient glory

I have my writing

every time I write I think I live my life more
everyday I don’t write is a day spent in pain
writing is addictive, my morphine , my heroin, my opium
you have your toys, your money, your lust, I have my writing

only artists can understand artists
some days we are a different species called homo artistica
while homo sapiens slog and ponder
artists create art and wonder

self imposed poverty is a drawback
but for the talented and the lucky, not even that
art can be fun, art can be good, art can satisfy
it sure is damn well addictive to create new stuff

a day of free advice

a day of free advice
was completed with success tonight
some wanted knowledge some wanted gain
some wanted a magic bullet some to reduce pain

I can advise on technology
I advise on writing too
free advice is seldom respected
so I ask for some advice from you

how long how much how often
do I have to endure
my persistent fellow human being
before I can slip safely out the door

they were selling me something
they told me I needed a lot
I refused to be convinced duly
I refused to be bought