The boy and the universe

this is a story never before told
about a boy who forgot to smile or grow old

the universe wanted the boy to fall in love
but neither fall too gently nor fall too rough

lest the boy forgot to do his thing in love’s rush
for which the universe had loved him so much

the boy had spent his life lying low
while others preened he hid his glow

lest they come to know what is his secret unreal
the boy could tell the future his mind could reveal

the universe waited for the boy to write his book on the table
so it could announce a new prince to the world wanting a fable

disappointed as always in the last boy who promised hope
but the universe is an optimist it never mopes

but the boy grew sad
and the universe went mad

waiting on a boy who never realized what he had

so the universe sent many a beautiful lady
cheer up boy, the guys above love you deeply

the boy waited and the boy took his time
falling in love is a dangerous thought crime

how this story ends will slowly be revealed
how the universe and the boy slowly healed



Author: Ajay Ohri

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