Caste ist

Said my mother when I was three
Be brave because that is your caste to be
Said my government when I was eighteen
Sorry you are just a general category

Said my friends when I was twenty
It is tough to be a scheduled caste ji
We may earn all the engineering  degree
But no upper caste family gives his daughter in marriage to me

Said my girlfriend when I twenty three
You know I am from quota so how can this be
We can love and flirt but sorry no shaadi
Your family and my family would try to kill me

Said my wife when I was thirty
Even after six years I can’t make your mom happy
She tries to be nice and she tries to be polite
Every day she manages another chamar caste slight

Said my parents when I was thirty three
We knew you would split up and go the divorce tree
You see family matters in terms of shaadi
And lions and sheep can never be happy

Said my son when he was three
What caste am I tell me please Daddy
I looked my boy in the eye and smiled
You are an Indian by caste and your generation will be free

Author: Ajay Ohri

One thought on “Caste ist”

  1. Do you really believe that , there is still a cast system in UK small and more blurred than yours . Our casts are the haves and the have nots. The rich and the poor. No doubt if you cut back your system there would be the same. OMG why can’t we all live together and be kind to everyone!! …sorry to rant but your poem enraged me…. there for it must be a good poem!!!

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