Rich People Poor People

Rich people walk their dogs cleaning their poop in convenient plastic bags

Poor people sniff the trash like dogs

Rich people drive a big car

Poor people are driven to distraction by cares


Rich people drive in clean cars with music and heating

Poor people are driven in buses and trains

Rich people have opinions as they listen to the news

Poor people are on the news , they are the news


Rich people and Poor people

When will you realize

Look into each other eyes and see

Hey, We are just the same people beneath it all




Right and Wrong

You know something is wrong with your body,

When you wake up at six am and your back still hurts,

You know something is wrong with your mind,

When a beautiful girl smiles at you on the train,

And all you think is- What does she want?

You know something is wrong with your soul,

If you can turn you back to your country and it’s starving millions

To seek power, glory and a cheap mortgage and a big car

You know something is wrong with the weather,

When it rains harder, and shines harder, and snows harder,

This year than Every year you have ever been alive on this planet


You know something is right with the world,

When all it takes is a beautiful song on the radio

And some tea to cheer you up

You know something is right with your body,

When there is one thing , oh just one thing,

You can do better than beautiful people on TV

You know something is right with your mind,

When you can write poems, prose, presentations, books and emails

All in the same fucking  awesome hour

You know something is right with your soul

When   two dollars are all that is left in your pocket

And you still tip the server a dollar in return for a smile

Hoping the big old man in the sky believes in the mathematics of karma

And sends you those royalty cheques soon


Two poems in a cafe

  I don’t do


I don’t do anonymous stuff

When I hack I hack clean and clear

What are laws but a set of codes

Which lawyers hack for the pleasure of rich old men


I don’t do little kids,pretty boys,weird deviations

When I do I do it like a gentleman

With varying proportions

Of gentleness and manliness


I don’t do routines, normal nine to fives

When I do such things I get bored

Not that I don’t care about the money

It is just the way the old man coded me in



Sitting today

Sitting today in a nice café

Sometimes I wish I had a friend

To share my lemonade and chai latte

But mostly I have been grateful for the quiet


No beautiful strangers are there to disturb my thoughts

No ugly specimens of my race to test my faith in humanity

It disturbs me sometimes

How I have begun to love my solitude


Alone, lonely and quietly writing these thoughts

No more drama no more noise no more fighting

That’s how we like to sit

Sit quietly in the corner of a café today





Down in Downtown

down in downtown
the poor people wait
for the library to open
so they can stay off the cold streets for some hours

libraries are better than pubs
dont you think
for the homeless to rest in and rest on
but some say libraries are bad for private business

I tap on my computer
A simple mistake caused me to order chai latte rather than tea
That cost me two dollars more
The things we do for a few dollars more

But the chai latte is good for the soul and for every cent
It enabled me to write what was in my heart
Setting me free to start
My life anew

Down in downtown
where the busy people work in offices
the rich people shop and the idle people entertain
I look on at the land of pale faces and strange races20130523_072419